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Rize ,Turkey

Rize is the capital city of the Turkish province with the same name in the eastern part of the Black Sea Region of Turkey, on the Black Sea coast.


The first written mention of Rize is made by Arrian in a work named Periplus (Ship's Voyage).[4] Dated at 131-132 B.C., the work records how its author, the governor of Cappadocia, made an inspection tour of the Eastern Black Sea territories that were part of his jurisdiction, first visiting the Roman Empire's Eastern Anatolian frontier garrisons before pushing on to the Black Sea coast in the Trabzon (Trebizond) region.


The economic structure of Rize is based primarily around its geographic location. Rize is a very mountainous city, making industrial development difficult and impractical. Given the lack of air and rail transit, most goods have to travel by truck or ship, which makes exporting and importing more difficult. Rize's primary trading partner is Trabzon, the most developed city of northeast Black Sea region. Rize's main exports are agriculturally based; tea and kiwi fruit are among its most popular commodities.


Rize University was founded in 2006. It consists of the following faculties:

    Merkez Milli Piyango Egitim Kampusu - Central Milli Piyango Education Campus
    Tıp Fakultesi Kampusu - Medical school Campus
    Ilahiyat Kampusu - Theology Campus
    Egitim Fakultesi (Cayeli/Rize) - Cayeli College of Education
    Rize Meslek Yuksekokulu - Rize Vocational Higher Education School
    Findiklı Meslek Yuksekokulu (Findiklı/Rize) - Findikli Vocational Higher Education School
    Ardesen Meslek Yuksekokulu (Ardesen/Rize) - Ardesen Vocational Higher Education School
    Pazar Meslek Yuksekokulu (Pazar/Rize) - Pazar Vocational Higher Education School


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