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Ordu , Turkey

Ordu (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈoɾdu])) is a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, and the capital of Ordu Province. Estimated population c. 2011: 145,455.


Ordu at Ottoman era

In the 8th century BCE the settlement of Cotyora was founded in this area as one of a string of colonies along the Black Sea coast established by the Miletians. The area came under the control of the Danishmends, then the Seljuk Turks in 1214 and 1228 and Haci Emir Ogulları Beyligi in 1346. Afterwards it passed to the dominion of the Ottomans in 1461 with the Empire of Trabzon.

The modern city was founded by the Ottomans as Bayramlı near Eskipazar as a military outpost 5 km west of Ordu.

In 1869, the name was changed to Ordu and united with the districts of Bolaman,Perşembe, Ulubey, Hansamana (Gölköy) and Aybastı. Ordu province was created at 17 April 1920.

Ordu today

Old city centre of Ordu

Today the city is the centre of a large hazelnut processing industry, including Sağra,[3] one of the largest Turkish hazelnut processors and exporters, and Fiskobirlik,[4] the largest hazelnut co-op in the world.

The Sağra factory shop, selling many varieties of chocolate-covered hazelnuts, is one of the town's attractions.

The Boztepe aerial tramway is another popular attraction which is set to become a modern symbol for the city.

Local music is typical of the Black Sea region, including the kemençe. The cuisine is primarily based on local vegetables and includes both typical Turkish dishes - such as pide and kebab- and more unique fare - such as plain or caramel 'burnt ice-cream'.

Places of interest

    Paşaoğlu Konağı and Ethnographic museum - a ethnographic museum.
    Taşbaşı Cultural Centre - a cultural centre
    Boztepe - a mountain overlooking the town. since 2011 there is a skylift children 1,50 TL Adults 4 TL in Ordu is there a station you pay then you get a ticket it is a ticket to go and come back.
    Old Houses of Ordu in the old city center
    Yalı Camii, also called Aziziye Camii - a mosque
    Atik İbrahim Paşa Camii, also called Orta Cami - a mosque built in 1770
    Eski Pazar Camii - a mosque with adjoining Turkish baths
    Efirli Camii - a mosque


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