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Bursa , Turkey

Bursa ,this beautiful city which is also named as green Bursa is located in the foot of Uludag Mountain in Marmara Region of Turkey

it has the name "Green Bursa" because of it's parks and gardens and because of being in a central location of an important land which groves a lot of fruits all year around. It is one of the few cities of Turkey for  being improved in industrial,  culture and trade sector of the country.

The last stop on the west of the Ancient Silk Road Bursa had been the capital of Ottoman Empire and did not loose it's privileged position until present.

The city is surrounded by memorial graves / tombs of respective Ottoman Sultans and the spectacular architectures and constructions built during this time , a lot of rich in content museums specially archeological museum and many more historic and cultural artifacts...

Uludag Ski Center which is rising right behind the city is the biggest and the most popular ski center of Turkey.
The ski center has an easy way of transportation which can be made by cable cars or by cars is in a status of national park which can be visited any season all year around. Besides it offers great comfortable accommodating hotels / motels to it's visitors.

Bursa is taking attention of people by it's health tourism too.
It's thermal centers and spa centers are being used as a natural treatment way since Ancient Roman Time.

Besides these thermal sources which are being used by hotels, there are some physical thermal treatment centers that are belong to  University of Uludag.

Bursa is also the hometown of famous historic shadow play of Hacivat (Hacivad) and Karagoz and is also famous for it's delicious Iskender (Alexander) Kebab, chestnut candies, peaches, silk textiles and for it's towels.

Iznik Town
is located on the 85 km away of the city on north east part of Bursa known as the tiles "Iznik Tiles", Gemlik and Mudanya located on the seashore ,Zeytinbagi (Trilye) which displays the architecture examples of Turkish architects , those locations are some of the worth to see places around Bursa.

Places to visit in Bursa
Museums; Archeological Museum, Turkish Islamic Art (Yesil Medrese) Museum, Ottoman House, Mudanya Armistice House, Iznik Museum, Iznik Ayasofya (St. Sophia) Museum and Iznik Ancient Roman Theater.

Castle of Bursa has a 2 km long-wide city walls and was built in I Century B.C.

Historical Mosques and Islamic Constructions;
Ulucami (Grand Mosque),  Yesil (Green) Mosque, Emir Sultan, Yildirim, Iznik Yesil, Hamzabey, Muradiye II. Murat Orhan Bey, Hazi Ozbek and Mahmut Celebi Mosque.
Osman Gazi Tomb, Orhan Gazi Tomb, Yesil (Green) Tomb, Yildirim Tomb, Emir Sultan Tomb, Kirgizlar Tomb, Hatuniye Tomb, Cem Sultan and Sehzade Mahmut Tomb... etc.

Historical Churches;
Koimesis (Mosaic) Church, Saint Tryphonos Church (Mosaic), Helena Constantine Church, Mumyaka and French Church.

Gerus Synagogue, Mayor Synagogue and Ets Ahayim Synagogue.

Koza Caravansary was established in 1490 by II. Beyazid is today one of the most popular and used caravansary of present.
Uludag National Park is 24 km away from Bursa City Center

Bursa Thermals and Spas are mainly Sadag, Gemlik Terme, Agachisar , Cekirge Dumbuldek , Kukurtlu and Oylat Thermal and Spa centers.
Cumalikizik Houses is the location of 270 Ottoman Style old houses which is on the east cost of Bursa is now under protection.

Saitabat Waterfalls
in Guvercinlik takes it's another name from the Pigeon as many of pigeons living in the canyon is one of the most beautiful values of the area.

Ulubat Lake
- Apolyont is right beside the road of Bursa Izmir Highway.

Karacay Delta is on the  south coast of Marmara Sea and is in the status of an important birds stop place.


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