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Balıkesir , Turkey

Balıkesir (Turkish pronunciation: [baˈlɯkesiɾ]) is the capital city of Balıkesir Province. Balıkesir is in the Marmara region of Turkey and has a population of 331,788[1] inhabitants. Its old name is Karesi, or Karasi.


Close to modern Balıkesir was the Roman town of Hadrianutherae, founded, as its name commemorates, by the emperor Hadrian. During the Byzantine period, the small town was known as Palaeokastron (Greek: Old Castle). The remains of the ancient Makestos Bridge and castles are found in the surrounding region. Members of the Byzantine dynasty had used this castle as a vacation area and for hunting. Also, when the Turkmens came from Middle Asia to Mysia, they called it Balak Hisar because of the remains of castle, as Hisar is the Turkish word for castle.

Balıkesir's former name was Karasi, because Balıkesir city was founded by Karasi Beg in the 13th century. The Karasids was a Turkic principality in Mysia. Until the 13th century, Balıkesir city had been the administral centre of the Mysia region. In 1345, Balıkesir city was annexed by the Ottomans. In 1897 an earthquake destroyed much of the city. In 1920 Balıkesir city was conquered by the invading Greeks but on 6 September in 1922, the Turkish army took back the city. During the Turkish War of Independence, Balıkesir was a main centre of the militias in Western Anatolia against Greeks. In the 1950s, a major fire, started by several naughty mice, again destroyed a part of the city which was later rebuilt.Cityscape

The central of Balıkesir province with 300,000 population is the fourth crowded city in the Marmara Region. Balıkesir has an aggregate settlement network. Until 1950s, the city has grown by depending on the core being first settlements that it resembles break-up of the oil stains. The city has been carrying more Aegean character than Marmara. Anafartalar Street, Milli Kuvvetler Street, Vasıf Çınar Street, Kızılay Street, Atalar Street are important streets in the city. Aygören, Karaoğlan, Dumlupınar, Kasaplar, Hisariçi, Karesi, Kızpınar, Hacıilbey are the first settlements of the city. The eldest settlements are acclivity, lane and also have adjoint buildings. Many historical places are in these quarters. A summary of new settlements are Bahcelievler, Atatürk, Paşaalanı and Adnan Menderes quarters. The squares of the city: Ali Hikmet Pasha (AHP), Republica, Wrestler Kurtdereli Mehmed and Karesi.

Trade and economic life is concentrated on three streets. These are Milli Kuvvetler Street, Kızılay Street and Anafartalar Street. Commercial life focuses on these streets and the small streets which are intersecting these streets and avenues. As a part of the city skyline, New Bazaar Area is the eldest shopping place for the city. Vasıf Çınar Street and Gazi Boulevard are other busy areas. The face of the government, there is Balıkesir Park, the rest area, is one of Turkey's most beautiful parks. By the establishment of Balıkesir University in the city, social life are gradually developing. In 2007, with the modern shopping center, commercial life in Balıkesir has started to gain momentum.

Salih Tozan Cultural Center is the important for cultural activities in the city. Public transport area where is the point of transport networks is near the Salih Tozan. Yaylada and Gala are the important place for the citylife.

Turkey's first jet base, 9th Main Air base is located in Balıkesir.

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